Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Patchwork 2017

As expected, I quickly lost interest in doing my patch updates on the blog last year. Managing to get to May was quite a surprise, but as usual, being too busy to get on the computer and blog was my downfall again. I kept meaning to do my updates, so I will do a little yearly review when I get some time and then try and keep it up again.
I actually mapped out the area I cover this year, i remember doing it ages ago but forgot how it looked, and it was quite interesting from my point of view. The green area is everywhere I regularly go either on foot, car or bike. I do occasionally go onto the A52 area while ringing, and do sometimes view from other areas, but its basically that shape. Birds are counted from anywhere within the green area and also birds that are seen outside the area whilst I am in it, so birds scoped on the A52 pit are countable!
Last year was my best ever - 128sp, 147points... it keeps getting better every year (though my coverage was pretty intense last year). I doubt it'll be as good as this year as there was just so much to see, but i'll just have to wait. I haven't even been on patch yet this year, looking forward to the weekend!

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