Thursday, 6 March 2014

Glossy Ibis, March 4th

The old Glossy Ibis got reported again in Lowdham at the weekend, after an absence of 2 months. The sun was shining and I had a day to myself before starting work at 5, so I decided to hop on the bike and make the trip to see it again to add it to my year list.

It took a bit of finding, I was expecting to see it on the main road again, like it was before, but after checking Twitter, I realised it was tucked away in a field somewhere on the way to Gonalston. After biking past the right field and up a hill somewhere, I turned back and found the bird, keeping company with a few Mallard in a wet meadow. I watched it on my own for about 40 mins, waiting for it to get closer for its picture. It never got too close though so I ended up with some distant shots which I was able to crop into something reasonably presentable.

The bike ride was pleasant too and I stopped intermittently to check out several large flocks of gulls, hoping for a Med but I was unsuccessful, although a couple of Oycs in Stoke Bardolph were nice. 2 large flocks of Mute Swan, one in Shelford, the other opposite Netherfield Lagoons, also begged for a bit of a scan, but I'm guessing we're a bit late for whoopers now. Otherwise there was little of note, but it certainly felt springlike with tons of resident birds singing their heads off, and snowdrops and daffodils out in full force.