Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Recent birding, late autumn

been out and about a fair bit recently. There's been an influx of waxwing recently in Notts following the pattern for the rest of the UK. I caught up with some at the Red Cow pub in Lenton last thursday on my way to clifton. Gary and mick from the south notts ringing group were there, hoping to net some of them but they were flying into their feeding tree too high so would miss the nets. Three were found dead, having flown into windows fleeing from a sparrowhawk. Find pictures here. There were roughly 20 of them in the trees, and although I had my camera, they were too high up and the light was terrible, so no photos. I cycled on to clifton in strong blustery winds, and due to this fact I didnt stay too long. Very little was about, and it wasnt til the end that it really felt worth going, as i saw my first ever Brambling, a lovely male bird feeding in some willows with a flock of tits and goldcrest.

There's been loads of Waxwings seen since then, with flocks of up to 150 in beeston, and still plenty in lenton. I had a look today at the usual hotspot of Hucknall road, where flocks are often seen in trees between the Total garage and the Lidl, but there werent any there, but it won't be long til there will be i'm sure. Just waiting for some colder weather!

One of my missions this winter is to see my first short eared owl. Gedling pit is a fantastic place to see them, and up to 5 have been flying up there in recent weeks. I went up on saturday and had an awful time, it was dark, grey, wet and cold - not good raptor weather! The next day, while i was at work, the sun was shining wonderfully, and reports say that 5 were seen up there. Typical.

In other news, i heard a Raven at Holme Pierrepont while walking the dog on monday morning, in the grassland east of the A52 pit. We also flushed a woodcock while walking through some willow woodland. This is the second record of raven i've had this year, after seeing a pair over dukes wood near eakring in july.

Off to gedling again tomorrow hopefully, as its meant to be sunny, so will hopefully get me an owl!